Protect Yourself, Your Privacy, and Your Rights

One-Touch Data Protection from Tell-Cam

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Cutting Edge Features

A Revolutionary Secure File Vault
Tell-Cam One-Touch Capture
One-Touch Capture
Instantly begin recording video with both of your phone's cameras
Tell-Cam Live Streaming
Live Streaming
Your data is automatically transferred to our secure servers in real-time
Tell-Cam Live Streaming
Rich Data
Content is tagged with detailed information including video, audio, GPS location, and time
Tell-Cam Universal Support
Universal Support
Works flawlessly on all of your family's mobile devices

The Tell-Cam Advantage

Featuring Chameleon ID Technology
  • Protect Your Rights

    Record every moment of all police interactions

  • Prove What You Saw

    Help bring perpetrators to justice with detailed evidence

  • Ensure Your Privacy

    Your data is protected regardless of your phone being lost, stolen, or destroyed


About Us

Built by veteran security experts

Tell Cam is a safety and security app that records video, audio, and text messages from your cell phone, then stores all of your personal data to a secure Tell-Cam server.

It enables you to store and retrieve personal data, even if your phone is lost, stolen, or destroyed. Tell Cam App's one-touch recording capability protects you in emergencies and during all police interactions.

Established by a team of veteran security professionals in 2004, we are dedicated to providing exceptional security services. We are driven by a mission to create a safer, more secure world for everyone. Our team takes pride in delivering top-tier service for all of our clients.

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